Japan Health Insurance
Practical, low-cost accidental and medical insurance while in Japan. Solid Japanese insurance for foreign students, teachers, executives, tourists and temporary residents. Medical, life, accidental and rescue insurance all in one policy for non-Japanese citizens. Fully licensed and rated — expatriate company — 60 years in Japan.

Japanese Medical Insurance for the Foreign Community of Japan

Low Rates AND Excellent Coverage
MedOne: Japan Medical Insurance


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Japan health insurance expatriate.

Low-cost Insurance you can count on!

Payable by credit card, bank or any convenience store in Japan!

We pay fast.

We pay in yen.

We pay hassle-free.

Legend Travelers offers MedOne,
a medical insurance plan that fits right in with Japan while it meets your needs as an outsider.

Comprehensive accidental and medical coverage at very economical rates. MedOne is the perfect plan for all expatriates in Japan, whether you're a diplomat, executive, student, teacher or tourist from anywhere in the world.

NIA has been in Japan for more than 60 years. Their intimate understanding of the Japanese medical system, together with their outsider's perspective, created the unique MedOne plan.

MedOne delivers this comprehensive package of medical, accidental, life and injury insurance—all in one policywithout any deductible (excess) and no co-pay—for as little as ¥29,770! (3-month Economy Plan)

• Doctor fees
• Hospital expenses
• Emergency treatment
• Emergency transportation
• Rescue costs
• Loss of life or limb
• All appropriate care
• Secondary expenses
All these potential needs are covered from the first yen to the last, 100%, right up to the limits of the Plan.

Our reimbursement system is totally local, so it's more efficient. We pay quickly, usually in two to three weeks. We deal in yen and we deal in Japanese: no processing delays, no language barrier (on either side), no confusion. And we understand expatriates: Legend Travelers provides all the explanations—and all the patience—you need.

Compare Med One / Buy Med One. Look at our competitors. Compare their deductibles with ours—we have none. Compare their age brackets with ours—we have no age increases: you get the same low rates from ages 1 to 65. Compare their exclusions with ours—we have considerably fewer. Compare their license, if any, with ours.

Read the MedOne Plan Overview for further details.

Low-cost expat insurance
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*AM Best, the largest and longest-established company devoted to issuing in-depth reports and financial-strength ratings about insurance organizations.
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