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Practical, low-cost accidental and medical insurance while in Japan. Solid travel medical insurance for foreign students, teachers, executives, tourists and temporary residents. Medical, life, accidental and rescue insurance all in one policy.

Japanese Medical Insurance for the Foreign Community of Japan

Low Rates AND Excellent Coverage
MedOne: Japan Medical Insurance


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Japanese health insurance for expatriates living in Japan.

Insurance you can count on!

An insurance plan for expatriates created by an expatriate company and designed with a great deal of native intelligence.

 MedOne comes from a company that has been successful in Japan for over half a century, so the Plan works in perfect harmony with Japanese medical protocol. At the same time, the firm keeps its visitor's perspective, so MedOne suits the foreigner's needs whether temporary resident or short-term visitor.

 Maximum security/minimum cash. MedOne plans pay for all kinds of medical and emergency expenses with no deductible (no excess) and no co-payments...

 MedOne covers 100% of doctor bills, in-patient and out-patient care, surgery, prescriptions, X-rays, and all sorts of secondary expenses (supplies, etc.). We cover emergency care and transport, even rescue services; loss of life or serious disability. What's more, MedOne is as kind as it is comprehensive: the exclusions are very few. (See What is NOT covered?).

 What's less, MedOne pays fast: usually within two to three weeks. Our offices are here in Japan, so there is no waiting while paperwork goes halfway around the globe and back, or while it gets translated, as with overseas insurers. And communication between the company and local doctors or hospitals is in Japanese as well, so no time is wasted and no care overlooked.

 Convenient to buy. You can purchase MedOne at any convenience store or bank throughout Japan as well as pay by VISA or Mastercard. You can even email your premiums to us by PayPal.

 MedOne provides for all the emergencies or unexpected developments an expatriate can reasonably anticipate, at amazingly low cost and with no co-payments (100% coverage!). That brings home-away-from-home security and peace of mind.

Learn more about our wide-open eligibility and simple procedures in Who is Eligible?

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