MedOne Plan Summary

Eligible Expenses Covered by this Plan
Regular Medical Expenses
  • Medical Doctor's fees
  • Hospital expenses, whether in-patient or out-patient
  • Surgery
  • Prescription drugs
  • Collateral expenses such as diagnostic charges or x-rays
>>100% reimbursement up to the limit of the Plan for all covered conditions for up to 180 days from the first treatment of the condition

Accident Coverage
  • Emergency care including transportation
  • Hospital expenses, whether in-patient or out-patient
>>All treatment and collateral expenses for up to 180 days from the date of the accident up to the limit of the Plan

Loss of Life and Physical Disability
  • The full benefit of the Plan is paid in the event of loss of life due to sickness or accident
  • For permanent disability, a % of the benefit is paid on a scale according to the extent of the disability
Rescue &/or Repatriation
  • Rescue operations: location and recovery
  • When hospitalized for 7 days or more, travel and hotel expenses for up to 3 relatives for up to 14 days
What is not Covered by this Plan
  • Pre-existing diseases, ailments and impediments the insured had prior to joining this Plan.
  • Consultations and/or testing without medical treatment.
  • Charges that exceed Usual, Reasonable and Customary amounts in Japan.
  • Charges by a practitioner not licensed in Japan..
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, premature birth, or miscarriage.
  • Dental treatment due to other than accident.
  • Willful act of insured or person entitled to indemnity.
  • Execution of a sentence on the insured.
  • Suicide, attempted threat, aggressive violence or criminal act initiated by the insured.
  • Brain disorder, brain disease, or insanity of the insured.
  • Accident occurring while the insured is driving an automobile or a motorbicycle without having qualifications to do so or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any kind of mind-altering substance to the extent that the insured may be incapable of controlling the vehicle.
  • War, military act of foreign nations, riots, disturbance of peace and good order, etc.
  • Exposure to nuclear radiation or other radioactivity.
  • Cervical syndrome (whiplash) or back pain or pain from any cause, without an objective symptom.
  • Benefits covered by other insurance.
  • Participating in racing, test driving, and high-risk sports such as: mountain climbing, sledding, sky diving, hang-gliding, wall climbing, or any other dangerous sports or similar activities.
Certificate Period
Subject to approval of the applicant and the receipt of the premium, coverage starts at 0:00 hours JST on the first day of the term of the policy and ends at 24:00 hours JST on the last day of the term.

Area of Coverage and Currency
The Plan will only cover incidents and treatment while in Japan. The currency to be used for payment of premiums and claims is Japanese Yen.

Documents Required for the Filing of a Claim
  • Completed claim form.
  • Authorization to verify patientsf case details.
  • Original receipts / Bills of treatment.
  • Doctorfs medical report (if requested by the insurer).
  • Death certificate and/or coronerfs report, legal heirfs certificate in case of loss of life.
Governing Laws
Any matters not provided under this Plan shall be governed by the Laws, Ordinances, and Insurance Regulations in force in Japan. For more information, please refer to the MedOne Plan.